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iPad Pro Workflow - Social Media

Managing social media on the move is now very easy thanks to the iPad. There are some amazing apps that I use to write and manage my social media. Here are my workflows for you to try out.


The Details

When I write new blog posts, upload new photographs, or create new videos, I share them to social media. Not all content I create is suitable for all social networks, but the workflow always follows the same pattern. I create a featured image if needed for my blog post, to do this I usually use a plugin for my Wordpress site called Featured Image Generator. I attach the image to the post and also download it into Apple Photos. Having the image in Photos means I can access it anywhere on my iPad (or Mac, iPhone).

I have an album called ‘Blog Featured Images’ that I keep them all in. I will pull up the content I want to share and use the sharing extension to access the Buffer app, I either share or schedule to multiple social networks at the same time. The beauty of Buffer is that I can create network specific messages in one window.

For example, if I create a new post on the Swift programming language, I will be sharing that to the CompileSwift Twitter account and my LinkedIN account.

Social Media Management and Scheduling

I regularly use the Buffer app to schedule posts to social networks. This is easily done in the application and I can manage the times and days that the posts will go out. Thanks to the iPads multi-tasking I can have buffer and a Web browser open at the same time to gather content for my accounts in Buffer.

When it comes to managing responses and reading on social networks I will use the separate client apps Tweetbot and LinkedIn. Each app gives me fine grain control over my response and management of messages.

Slack, Skype and Discord are great for getting in to conversations directly with people as needed.

Slack in particular is great for keeping track of contacts and conversation history. On the iPad I can leave them all running in the background and rely on notifications to get my attention. Often I will set aside some time in the evening for conversations and responses.

The Wrap

Thanks to my iPad Pro, I no longer need a desktop or laptop computer to keep up with social networks and the people I am in contact with. Many of these apps do have an Apple Watch version, however I find them rather limiting for anything other than telling me that there is something I will want to look at in the future. So how do you use your mobile devices for SocialMedia?