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Editorial: SetApp is my favorite software service

WWDC 2020 is here

It is that time of year that developers who build software and maybe some hardware for the Apple platforms turn their attention to the big fruit.

Normally by now, many will of won a lottery to get a rather pricey ticket and already be on location eagerly waiting with many more for the Monday morning Keynote.

On top of that there are are surrounding conferences, gatherings and those just wanting to be close by.

But not this year.

This year, it is online, so no packed hotels with overloaded WiFi, full restaurants and coffee shops trying to keep up with demand and a packed conference with those camping out to get a good spot inline.

The sad part of that is it means no getting to hang out with folks you know or hope to meet, no chance glimpses of the celebrity developers or Apple staffers.

Instead, we all have to hope that the streaming network holds together, our Internet connections don’t die and we find a way to dodge meetings for a few hours to watch the keynote and state of the union session.

What is also going to be interesting this year is if Apple chooses to address the mixed PR surrounding them right now or ignore it completely. For those not keeping up, there are AppStore controversies and unfair business practices reminiscent of Microsoft in the 90’s.

I am not going to say anything on those topics as I don’t have all the facts, unlike other people who should know better.

Starting tomorrow I have notebooks and sharpened pencils, charged batteries and a few prayers tonight to the Internet Gods to keep my connection flowing for the coming week.