WWDC21 Thoughts

I think it was a good year for WWDC. The kind of year that I like to have where we get new things but nothing so significant that we need to go back and make big changes to our code.

Years like this allow me to improve what I have and make sure it will work when the new OS releases drop in the Fall for the public.

It also gives me time to learn about the new things like async await, which probably will not become mainstream until next year because it requires the latest OS versions.

Changes to Xcode are going to help Swift developers as we continue to see better support. The new Xcode cloud build system will offer another option for those looking to offload CI/CD, although we do not know the pricing yet, and only a few will get to try it out as Apple figures out the scaling problems.

There are some great video sessions for us to watch, which I always find valuable for refining techniques I already know and discovering better ways to reduce my code.

So what takeaways did you get from this year's conference? Let me know. I'd love to discover things I missed.

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