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Interested in learning how to make this layout with React and Tailwind CSS?

React & Tailwind CSS layout screenshot

There is no doubting that React has helped many create applications quickly and efficiently. Along with that, I have come to appreciate Tailwind CSS for helping me get the layouts I need without having to make a whole bunch of CSS code.

The more I use these tools, the more I want to share the joy with others and get you started on the path to easier Web app development.

I wonder if there is enough interest in a series of videos to show how I created this layout that scales with the browser.

Since it takes a while to record and edit them, I decided to reach out and ask if there is any interest before working on the project.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please let me know to gauge your interest by filling in this simple form. I will only use the data to reach out should the project have enough interest. Otherwise, I will delete it.